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Wincom Flock Wuxi Co.,Ltd.
About Us
ope体育官网注册-ope体育客户端官方下载-ope体育app下载手机版was established in 2003 covers an area of 15000 square metershas employee more than 200 people, is located in Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province

Our Quality Controlling Department set up respective stations for quality inspection in each production section. At the same time, we set up respective inspector to pay much attention to the


Flock and Flock Fabrics use for Upholstery, Jewellery Boxes, Garment, Shoes, Packaging, Automotive, Toys, T-Shirt, Carpet 窶ヲ


Detailed introduction ope体育官网注册-ope体育客户端官方下载-ope体育app下载手机版We welcome the patronage of coming of new and old customers with all sincerity!


Seek the existence by quality;Seek the development by latest technology is our company working conceptionTherefreon the one handall our products are under control by our

Contact Us

Add:Yuanqu Road, Tianshou Village, Shitangwan Town, Wuxi

Copyright:ope体育官网注册-ope体育客户端官方下载-ope体育app下载手机版   Add:Yuanqu Road, Tianshou Village, Shitangwan Town, Wuxi City, Jiangsu Province, China
<People's Republic of China Telecommunications and services business license>No. Su ICP preparation 11049973
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